1. What is AMNOW?

AMNOW is a multi-year U.S. Army program to develop and deliver a prototype digital AM supply chain tool. The program consists of assessing domestic additive manufacturing capabilities of small and medium manufacturers (SMMs), conducting cyber-physical demonstration projects while operating in a secure digital environment and validating the effectiveness of the supply chain tool. The region of NE Ohio and SW Pennsylvania was selected to conduct the initial prototype demonstration. In addition to delivering a highly robust supply chain tool, the project findings will help inform the Army regarding how to efficiently assess, engage and develop domestic additive manufacturing capabilities to support readiness.

2. What are the benefits of participating in AMNOW?
  • Demonstrate your organization’s additive manufacturing capabilities and win discrete part bids.
  • Improve your organization’s ability to supply defense OEMs and the government by increasing your knowledge regarding DoD contracting and proposal development.
  • Learn about emerging cybersecurity and digital manufacturing requirements of importance in the defense manufacturing space.
  • Accelerating the journey towards Industry 4.0 and Advanced Manufacturing by implementing a standard based IIoT edge device that collects manufacturing process information that your organization can use to identify areas of process improvement and enhance your competitive edge.
3. How do I participate in AMNOW?

Register your company in the Advanced Manufacturing Intelligence Platform (AMIP) to be added to the AMNOW database. If your organization’s capabilities match those required for an AMNOW project, you will be contacted to potentially receive a request for proposal. Suppliers can also reach out directly to the following AMNOW representative:

4. What type of company can participate in AMNOW?

Our current AM technologies of interest include:

  • Material Extrusion
  • Powder Bed Fusion (both polymer and metal)
  • Multi-Jet Fusion
  • Binder Jetting

We are also looking for companies providing inspection and testing services, and post processors (CNC, heat treat, finishing, etc.).

5. For a small company with limited experience with government contracts, is there support available for the RFP/proposal process?
  • Webinars and other resources to help you navigate the process are available on this webpage under the ‘Resources’ section.
  • AMNOW representatives are also available for one-on-one support.
6. For a small company with limited experience with government contracts, is there support available for navigating the ITAR registration process?

See the ‘DECCS/ITAR Resources’ section on this webpage as well as these links to aid you in registering with DDTC for ITAR:

7. Do I have to connect the IIoT edge device to my company network or my isolated manufacturing network?

No. The edge device can reside on your manufacturing floor in an air gapped configuration and will only be connected to the machines and or tools you choose. The edge device is fully functional without the cloud.

8. If I am willing to have my IIoT device connected to my manufacturing floor network in order to experience its benefits, do I need to have it also connected to the cloud?

No. The edge device is fully functional without the cloud. You can manually move contractually required information from your isolated manufacturing floor network to any external workstation that can reach the cloud.

9. Do I have to provide any competition sensitive information to the program by using the IIoT edge device and participating?

No. An IIoT edge device that is connected to the cloud securely transmits only the information you approve and initiate. The majority of collected data is yours and remains within your network for your use.