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Meeting AMNOW Data Requirements The First Time (Part 1-2):
Webinar Recording

Meeting AMNOW Data Requirements the First Time (Part 2-2):
Webinar Recording

AMNOW Advanced Manufacturing Intelligence Platform (AMIP):
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AMNOW Best Practices for Implementing a Digital Thread:
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AMNOW Bid Process and Proposal Requirements:
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Cybersecurity Risks, Requirements and AMNOW Compliance:
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Effectively Bidding on AMNOW Projects
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Improving Information Management with the
LIMS Edge Device for AMNOW

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Key Elements of an AMNOW Cost Proposal:
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Example AMNOW Cost Proposal Package

Cost Proposal Elements (Instructional Video)

Completed Price Cost Proposal Form (Example)

Completed Price Cost Proposal Form (Example Calculations)

Attachment ‘A’ Direct Material (Guidance)

Attachment ‘B’ Direct Labor (Guidance)

Attachment ‘C’ Other Direct Cost (Guidance)

Attachment ‘D’ Overhead and G&A (Guidance)